Double-Ought Floors
We deliver quality and dedication with every step of our process, coupled with manufacture commitment of  product excellence too exceed customer expectations of doing it "Right the First Time" and "Targeting Total Customer Satisfaction"

The Dirt Dragon

The Dirt Dragon is a compact yet powerful floor preparation and cleaning machine.  This versatile unit removes the toughest dirt and surface contaminates from all types of hard surface flooring. It is the latest technology in floor cleaning/re-coating system on the market. Unlike a buff and coat process this system can "Guarantee" a bond to your floor as well as provide a warranty.

Designed for use with Basic Coatings IFT (intensive floor treatment) and Squeaky Clean cleaners, the Dirt Dragon is a key component in the innovative Tykote "
Dust-Free Refinishing System".

Your hardwood floors are an important part of the value of your home.  It is recommended that you do periodic intensive cleaning of your hardwood to prevent the build up of harmful contaminants and to assure that your hardwood floors will last a lifetime. We can also adapt this system for "Stairs" as well.

We will visit your home or business to determine the right maintenance plan for your hardwood or hard surface floors.  Whether you need an intensive cleaning or a dustless refinishing, this is the right machine for the job.
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