Double-Ought Floors
We deliver quality and dedication with every step of our process, coupled with manufacture commitment of  product excellence too exceed customer expectations of doing it "Right the First Time" and "Targeting Total Customer Satisfaction"

About Us


Double-Ought Floors, we are a full service Hardwood Flooring Company and a family owned and operated company. We are located in Goochland County, where our family has lived and worked for over 40 years. As a small local company, we take pride in our work and have a strong desire to give our customers a product that exceeds their expectations. We are able to take one job at a time and put all of our efforts into satisfying one customer at a time.

By focusing our product offerings on just hardwood and laminate flooring we are able to grow our expertise in that area. We are frequently involved in industry training that allow us to improve our skills which in turn guarantees that you will get a superior product.

Another advantage that we offer is, we have a low overhead, so we are able to offer you top quality products at the very best price. Come visit our Showroom located: 40 Broad Street Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103. At Double-Ought Floors, you get the same quality products, very personal service and a high quality end product.

                       If you have any flooring needs give us a call today.

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